Shunyata Records


Shunyata Records is the holy inception of Hemant, aka AvigyAvega birthed out of his true worship for pure sounds and Lord Shiva.


Shunyata Records is a darkpsy label rooted in Ireland in the year 2015 to focus on the experimental side of dark psychedelic trance. 

We sincerely believe that Shunyata Records utilizes some of the most relevant music producers who own their work, working continuously towards creating their sounds and original patches. Big bass, solid drums, sharp synths, and dreamy melodies are the main elements for the exclusives tracks released by Shunyata Records, dedicated to an even more numerous crowd thirsty for modern productions and also to the fans of the genre, which is recognized in the old-school darkpsy.  

The label has arrayed with a slew of eminent Live Artists and DJs from all over the world who has desired to set out exemplary collisions of frequency and sheer rhythm in making music for the mind, body, and soul. In addition to music, our website enterprises store which offers label merchandising. 

  • The born year
  • We released our first album on May 2016, called “VA Shunyata”. Then released an EP by Fractal Spin called the “Seeking Fungi”.
  • Our one of the best selling album released called “ VA Source Replika”.
  • Released 3 EPs.
  • Really successful album released called “VA Intergalactic craic”. Then we released 2 VAs and 2 EPs.
  • Released 5 albums.
  • One of our best selling album released by Snapgon, called the “Primitive Journey”. We released the album “Infinite Seance” on behalf of our 5th year Anniversary.
  • We released 4 albums which included Dissorkidy full album.

our mission

The label was crafted mainly with two necessities for its artists and producers. Firstly, to provide a professional record label infrastructure that forms a platform to release their computer music.

Secondly, to collaborate with a collective of several high-caliber individual artists and music producers by releasing music from both new and established artists.

The label took off to satisfy the need to distribute experimental psytrance that often has little to do with the usual psytrance sound known to the masses, however, aims to combine the sound from a creative standpoint by pushing the experimental element further.

This is a global manifesto to nurture pure psychedelic music with experience. Our releases can make the listeners encounter a higher harmony of state with emotions and energy.

We always work to discover new talents, and we are open to every experimentation without forgetting the roots of this timeless music genre that made history to reach every corner of the planet, and each one of you reading this is a huge part of this grand evolution.