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New Releases

This is a pursuit of higher energy through dark tunes and beats. Listen to our unique sense of Shunyata Records

PANDYAN - Conscious Breathing

ΧENO8OT ALPHA - Sword Logic

DISSORDIKY - Dark Incantation

EP Xcursion - Recursion

Sense of Shunyata!

In Sanskrit, Shunyata means emptiness, voidness, openness, spaciousness, or vacuity. Merging Ancient Indian concepts and contemporary theories, the universe and everything in it is mostly empty space.

In Great Vedas, Shunyata often refers to the not-self nature of the five aggregates of experience and the six sense spheres. It is also often used to refer to a meditative state. According to the mystics, the white or black magicians, and the keepers of the power, it is the only known process of merging into the universal particle.